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Dog Sledding in Tromsø

Apart from exploring the town, Ines and I also spend a day dog sledding. Another check off of my bucket list.

Getting instructed

And boy, this is as exhausting as it's fun! The dogs are wonderful and love to run, and to cuddle.

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Dogs just wanna have a run

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Visiting Tromsø: More than lights

I have to admit: We went to Tromsø in Nothern Norway to take pictures of the northern lights. But due to bad weather we not even got a glimpse of them.

Tromsø Harbour

Tromsø Downtown

But don't panic. We found a wonderful small town without many tourists. Because of the holidays only few people were around in town and so we saw many closed business and restaurants. Nevertheless there were many places to explore. On our second day in town we started with a walk around the southern part of Tromsø, taking a look at the downtown and uptown.

Tromsø Uptown

The first things to notice are the beautiful wooden houses, often coloured in red and blue – the oldest dating from 1789. In the southeast you will find some newer buildings that try to combine a modern design with wooden exterior facade, but I vastly prefer the old ones.

Modern architecture in Tromsø

On our way we found a few shiny restaurants. As Tromsø is a pretty expensive place to eat, after a few days you will start to think that 40 EUR for a good meal is rather cheap. For your money you will at least get a really nice place to dine most of the time.

World smallest instant portrait studio Tromsø

On our walk we also saw the world smallest instant portrait studio, just large enough to fit two people in it, although I'm quite sure it's bigger on the inside.

Even without the Aurora we actually quite liked it here and surely will return.

Tromsø Downtown

Tromsø Downtown

Trying out the Samyang 12mm F2.0

While waiting at the Oslo Airport for our flight to Tromsø I thought it might be a good opportunity to share some pictures I took the other day. And because Jan asked for some.

For our travel I bought a dirt cheap Samyang 12mm F2.0. Because the weather was fine and to try out the lens we drove a few minutes out of Wolfsburg to get at least a small glimpse at the night sky.

It turned out it was a rather great idea to get this lens! Although it has no autofocus it is rather easy to take good and sharp pictures. Some experience, the good controls on the lens and focus peeking are helping a lot here.